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It's good to see you still responding to comments about this game and your productions that are very recent. I thought you'd disappeared based off your rpg maker page. I hope you continue to do what you do since the ideas you show seem to be pretty cool especially with refinement.

PS. If you still plan on remaking this game like I remember hearing from someone ages ago. (I think it was a different game actually, my bad) If you wanna flesh out Dumpling's character, I definitely recommend looking into Apraxia of Speech as it's a condition that makes the nerves toward the tongue malfunction and unable to form proper sentences without intensive therapy. I suffered from it as a child and it leads directly into anger issues and difficulty expressing feelings without anything actually being wrong with the brain intellectually. It seems that was the direction you were taking for dumpling so there's some irl cases to possibly take inspiration from.

Haha yeah, im still reallyactive and i have a lot of new projects im working on ^^! Hopefully Ill finish one of them at the end of this year~

Ah I think that I was taking about remaking my previous gamę :o. But still, it sounds like a case that would really suit Dumpling's character! Thank you for pointing it out, Ill remember about it! ^^

Woah. This game is just amazing! You did such a great job! I love the second part, its really dark and sad, but i love it! i love that kind of cute but dark vibe. And aww dumpling gets so mad at cinnamon- lol-

Aww thank you so much! Im really happy you like it <3 Hope that you will be also interested in my future games ^^!

How do i put the game in full screen?

alt + enter

Thank you! Xx


Ngl I pitied Sissy and I can understand Sissy's resentment towards the people in the food town. I'm not the one who finds the second arc ending sad, right? And Butter is such an angel she is so kind I love her <3

Aw, I'm happy you like Butter so much~ ^^ and I'm glad that you can understand Sissy, I really wanted to make it sad, and show how she is strugling with her life and job, and how difficult it is for her.

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I'm Sorry to say that I didn't really enjoy this game.  This game feels a bit like a clone of the game Desolate Village and while it may not be a clone of that game it definitely wasn't what I was expecting from this game, it was disappointing to say the least.  

However on a more positive note I do think the characters were great, I'd say my Favorite is Cinnamon. Very sorry that I didn't like your game 🙁 but that won't stop me from trying out other games you've made 😀.


Aw, I see, thank you for your opinion. I'm glad that you liked Cinnamon! And I also hope that you will like my future games more ^^ thank you for giving them a try~


I love this game! The whole twist in the second phase is so great but fits in so perfectly how it's the opposite of the "everything is perfect" land you saw in the first phase. I love how at first the characters seem fine but it hints at things being different, then suddenly it's just a slap of the truth, I can't wait to see further games! 

Aaa, thank you so muchhh! <3 Im really happy you like it! Thank you for following my games <3

Are you making a second game for this? if not could you explain the story to me because I hate feeling like I am missing out because I don't understand the story.

There will be no sequel, only Dreamy Rose and camp fire people will be explained in some future games~ I made some stuff more vague, so players can think by themselves what actually happened, so I'm not sure if I can answer all your questions, but ill try~ So what do you want to know?

i have been trying to download this game for a while, but It never works. I downloaded the RPG and the game, Am I missing something? What do I do after downloading both of them? And how and where do I open the game? I need help 😭

What kind of error do you get? Please show me the screen of it :o

i get the same thing happening. there is no error or anything it is just that it downloads and it does nothing except ask to extract file. no matter what you do nothing happens. it just disappears from your tabs.

You have to extract the file and then go to the folder it created, and there you have the game files, and it should work :o

hey so I absolutely loved your game. It kept me on my toes it was charming it was creepy. You are a great story teller and designer. I know I can't get all of the answers to the game because it seems to be open to interpretation but I must know if dumpling and cinnamon will end up together

Aww I'm really glad you like the game <3 I'm giving my best, and hopefully you will like my future games too ^^ 

Haha yes, it's kinda open. The only canon relationship is Bread and Butter, but I love seeing all the fanwork, and I guess that a lot of people ship Dumpling and Cinnamon XD

I try to download the game and it won't so i try the thing to help still won't work please help


What kind of error do you get?


how long does the playthrough take? I saw someone play the first 30 mins and it looked like a good game :)

It takes around 2-3 hours i think. Depends how fast you read and if you struggle with mini games~ Ganerally i think that second part takes the same time as the first one (talking about cute and scary part)


Will you perhaps be making anymore updates to the story? Just curious.

Nope, its finished

Okay, thank you!

I can't play it :( it says "RPGVxAce RTP is required to run this game" I don't know what RPGVxAce RTP is ;u; do you know how to fix this or something..?

Ah sorry I didnt make it clear ><. You have to download and install this thing -> it has some basic assets for RPG maker that are used in game

Thank you so much! Finally got it to work after lots of stress lol. Can't wait to play!:>

Hope you will enjoy it ^^


Would you be intersted in bringing this over to RPG Maker MV?


Hi! For now im really busy so i don't have a time for changing the engine, but maybe in the future ^^


Well you don't have to worry about doing it. I can do that for you.


I could do Veins in case this game isn't completed.


Thank you but i would need time to check it out and everything, and unfortunately i really don't :<. But thank you so much for the offer!


Oh no need to worry about checking. I can do the playtesting myself. And you can give me notes on the builds, like what needs fixing or editing. So there's nothing to worry about really. Though what is it that you need to check?

Will we ever know who are the guys at the fireplace? I'm so confused

Yeah, its a bigger story that will be continued in my future games ^^

Hi! I just wanted to say that I absolutely LOVED your game. u///u The whole storyline was so captivating, I loved the characters and the minigames were challenging!

After the twist, I was both mortified and enthralled haha. Thank you so much for the experience. <3 I'll be sure to check out future games by you!

I have a gameplay of it, but I've yet to post it! I'll share when I do though. I had a wonderful time. c:


Awww thank you so much! <3 im super glad you enjoyed it! Hope to see the gameplay ^^~

I was wondering if you had a Press Kit? Or plans to make one? I would love to see the illustrations I missed while in game! ,u,


I publish illustrations on deviant art and tumblr ^^ on both my nickname is the same~

:) part one baby

Howdy! This game is great and I saying that isn't enough to describe of great this game is!

I also suggest my friend to download this game and she actually loves it! They say that the character is adorable and kind and the story is really deep!

The first Arc of the game is created very great! I can feel the love and bonding of all character! Is it strange that it's actually feels like bonding with real human being?I don't know..... Anyway I love the first Arc! Making us know a little bit about the character and their personalities, it really does feels like making a New Friend.

The Second Arc of the game is So Scary! I honestly feel scared walking along the pathways toward each character House fearing what they have become, this also feels like a Fear of losing a friend, character that you know and love is now acting really far then what you expected them to be is really giving me the chills! 

In conclusion This game is amazing, The first part is perfect, The second part is terrifying! And I love all of it!

I guess that's all from me. Thank you for the Good game and can't wait to see what you are cooking for us next.


P.S. I totally didn't cry OR wet my pants when seeing Candy in the Second Arc! I totally did not do any of that!

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Awww thank you so much! Im super glad to hear it! Reading comments like this makes my day better ^^!

Hello! This game looks super interesting and I've been wanting to play it, but after I click "New Game" this message pops up ;u; how can I fix this problem?


Oh, that's super weird, i dont have this problem :o! Do you have the newest version of the game? And do you have rpgmaker RTP installed? Maybe thats the problem :o

Aaaaa it WAS the RTP! I had the wrong version installed xD Thank you so much for your response, and sorry for bothering you with my silly question xD

Haha no problem, glad it worked ^^~

An absolutely phenomenal game that's a must-try! It had fantastic writing, fun characters, wonderful music, and unique mini-games. I plan to create a review video for this game, but for now, feel free to check out my let's play below!

Aaa thank youuuu so much <3 im super happy you enjoyed it! QuQ and really nice lets play~~

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I didnt play the game myself but I watched Manly play it a while ago. I just wanted to say I really really liked this game and the artstyle and wish it could get more attention.

I am a creator too and i always wish for art like this to be rewarded properly, but perhaps the creation of it is the best reward. 

Thats all I wanted to say i would love to see what you do in the future.


Awww thank you so much, im glad you enjoyed it! ^^ it was something new for me to use this kind of artstyle because usually i use completly different style :o but it was really fun! And yeah, im happy that people are interested in my game ^^! Hope you will also enjoy my future games!

Oooh, this game has my brain all confused! Everything and everyone is so cute and adorable, but there's something making me feel very uneasy about the whole thing.

In essence it's cute enough! Play as a girl called Sissy who gets lost in the forest on the way home (I mean, who hasn't done that at some point in their life, am I right?) and gets redirected by some mysterious kids gathered around a campfire. One whole night(?!) of walking later, we come across Food Town.

The residents all seem nice enough, if not a little... odd. There's animals that don't move and hints at things being a little bit sinister, but I have to come clean and say that I haven't actually finished the game yet! I am loving it though, the variety of mini-games that you encounter when you come across each new character is a great way of keeping the story moving along and getting us to interact along with it.

I'm really looking forward to getting to the end (I think), and I encourage anyone with a sense of morbid curiosity to check it out too! Keep up the awesome work Umino! =)


Awww thank you so much for making a let's play! I Hope you you will enjoy the story later ^^!

OH LAWD. THIS. WAS SOMETHING. OOF. I feel a bit bad for the people who only played the first part and got attached to the characters... they're in for a surprise. 

Overall, this was wonderful. Aside from the plot twist (which I did not expect to THAT extent), I loved how you handled all the characters. The creativity behind the 'uniqueness' of each characters was superb, and I had to watch a gameplay of this afterwards just to see the little details I didn't catch the first time that filled in the holes for some questions I still had. For people reading this comment, most of your questions WILL be answered if you pay attention and think it through, trust me. 

11/10 for cute art, intriguing plot, and deliciously suspenseful atmosphere. Sissy was an amazing character as well; I got really attached to her and found her perseverance inspiring. I'll keep trying my best too! 

Really, phenomenal job. I only have one complaint: did you really have to do us dirty with Dumpling like that? After I sailed the Sissy/Dumpling ship? ;_;

Aaaaaa thank you so much >u<! Im super happy you enjoyed the game! And haha, sorryyy xD but maybe it was more of Passion Fruit x Dumpling, if you look at it like that, it didnt get dirty xD

I really enjoyed this game! I loved the story and the characters and all the ideas going into it. It's a shame there won't be more of this story but I'm happy to have played it and can't wait to see what other games you'll make ^^

For a more proper review all I can say is the mini games were a bit tricky personally (both parts). If possible maybe a difficulty option for the first path would be nice too? Aside for that I can't really think of any issues haha. 

I do think it would be nice if you could add a gallery at all? To be able to look at the cg collection after the game or see which ones you still need to collect outside the credits? And maybe some kind of character profiles to show off? Just for little fun details like age, height, etc. But I understand if that sounds like a lot of work and you'd prefer to focus on new projects now! Maybe they'd be something to keep in mind for those future projects!

All in all I loved the game! I liked how it was written and the endings even if it was a bit confusing at times (are they actually food???) but it was all around great and I'm glad to have played it. So glad I made an account just to comment haha!

(P.S. I know fanart is acceptable but would it be okay to possibly write fan fiction/role play the characters of the game? (With proper credit to you/the game of course!) I wanted to ask since I really enjoyed the characters and would love writing things about them and this world if you wouldn't mind!)

Awww im super glad you liked the game! ^^ actually making this kind of bonus with illustrations and info about characters sounds nice, so i think ill use it in the next project, because here it wasnt really possibile, sińce the bonus parts were also connected with the main plot xD. 

And yeah, it would be nice to read something about my characters *_*! Let me know if you write it! 

Such a cute short game! (╯✧ ∇ ✧)╯I'd love to see more cinnamon~

XD oh, have you played second part? Because it gets much much darker~ (after you go through the bonus room it loops)

Ahahaha, I have ;3

Is there going to be 2nd part? since theres still a lot of question left unexplained

I'm planning to explain Rose in some other game (which will also explain some other stuff about that world) and Kyrie (and his friends), but generally everything else is completed. I wanted to leave some space for people to think of some elements of plot. So there wont be anything more with characters from the Food Town, but im planning a lot of other games so stay tunned ^^~

Hi I made a wiki for your game:

Thank you *o*!

I hope you like it again ;)

spoilers ahead~

I really enjoyed playing this game! The concept of food town was really cute and characters living there were fun too! Their designs were cool - not too weird and cartoonish, but still eccentric. They just seemed fitting, since food people are essentially, uhh, very dedicated cosplayers? 

Playing two routes was very fun - first allowed us to kinda see things from Milks perspective because (almost) all characters were genuinely kind and nice. I liked little unnerving moments like Sissy’s name changing, Candy being super obsessive about sweets, the way villagers talked about Chili...

The second route was very straightforward. The beginning was enjoyable - seeing different sides of Butter and Bread actually kinda shocked me, since they seemed relatively sane in the first route. Also, my boy Dumpling... Ahh, I felt my heart breaking when he hit me with that sign! But after that game kinda... lost a lot of the shock value? Tomato’s and Candy’s “shticks” were quite easy to predict and imho we didn’t really learn many new things about them. I enjoyed the CGs tho, they had a good balance of creepiness and cuteness.

Sooo... Fruits surgery was funded by Milk, right? I totally felt like the game was suggesting that, haha. Also, about Milk... God I hate this guy. Like, he’s a pretty awful scientist? I’m pretty sure that your research is worth less then Sissy’s LIFE! His high and mighty attitude was really irritating, haha. I can see why Sissy went crazy after talking with him, listening to ~enlightened centrists~ does that to people :p Also his explanation felt like an exposition dump? I’m not sure whether it was really necessary. I liked learning new details about characters lifes!

After that I felt like minigames got a bit too much focus? The kitchen one was really cool, since it showed us Sissy’s frustration and daily life! But after that we got two more minigames and minimal interactions with villagers, which felt kinda... repetitive? I liked talking to characters, so that was a bit of a letdown - i was really hoping for some villain monologue from Chili!

Overall, I really liked this game - art and music were good, minigames made the whole thing feel more immersive and the basic concept was interesting! Writing was good, too! Only moment that felt a bit awkward was Milks explanation near the end of the game. As I said, it just seemed like exposition dump :p Aside from that I loved the story! We got ambiguous ending, relatable protagonist and slow descent into two extremes - escaping and ruthless pragmatism... 

honestly, playing this game was like getting something I didn’t even know I wanted :p Really hoping ur gonna create more games!


Thank you so much! ^^ I'm really glad you enjoyed it!

Yeah, plastic surgery was funded by Milk, but I saw some comments about him and some +18 stuff because of what Grape said, but nopee, it was just Strawberry and Grape idea to make him do what they wanted. And about his monologue, yeh maybe it was a little bit of exposition, but he was explaining Sissy all those things she didn't know, so i couldnt think of the other way to do it XD.  And yeaah, his reaserch was important for him, he really did everything to become one of them, and there was said that Sissy isnt the only one who got lost there, so he was affraid that he will loose his position after helping those people, and he wanted to stay out of everything bad that was happening there.

In second path Sissy doesnt talk a lot with characters, because obviously she is scared of them, and after learning why are they like this, she despised them so much, she also didnt want to.

Aaand yeah, im planning some other games! ^^ it will take some time, but i hope i can do something even better than this game!

What are you thoughts on ManlyBadassHero small review at the end of his last video


Hmm, so generally I wanted this game to have more than one meaning~ It was really fun to read some theories in comments, some people were partially right, as was as ManlyBadassHero! I really wanted to make this story deeper than just some cute characters changing into psychos, so I'm glad that I managed to do it! Especially part where Sissy is strugling with stress, trying to make her dreams come true, and stuff like this. I'm glad that people noticed that this story is actually sad, and feelings of characters are something that you can feel in a real world! 

About the story, I don't want to say too much, because I want to explain everything about Rose in one of my planned games, aaand Kyrie and the rest have even more background, because I made this universe so big and complexed XD. Dream of Gluttony is just a short story about lost girl, there won't be a second part, her story is over. There will be only and explanation what was it, and why did it loop, and who is Rose. The rest, well, you can think about it yourself ^^! 

Also I'm super happy that he played it, because thanks to this so many people got into my story! It's like dreams coming true, really QUQ! I couldn't be more happy~~ 

Sooo hope you enjoyed the game ^^!

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Hello! I just wanted to say that I watched a play through of your game and it was WONDERFUL. I can't see, so I can't play these types of games (I only made an account here to follow you and make this comment), but love watching them. The story was gorgeous and the characters are pretty amazing. I love creepy cute type things. ♡

Omg thank you so much QuQ! Im really happy you liked the story! And aaa, account only to follow me? >U< awww that's so sweet, thanks!

Saw this awesome game from ManlyBadassHero and I really like this game uwu   The bgm and he atmosphere of this game are fantastic! I like how it went from pink and cute to creepy real fast lol (the passion fruit route was also a bit creepy even though it is all pink and cute lol) I really want to make some fanarts cuz the character designs are really cool:'D

Awww thank you! There is also the other path, i hope he will make a letsplay of it too, since its like half of the game XD! And im hanging around there, stalking comments XDD

Awww i will be super happy to see some fanarts QUQ thanks <3

Honestly,this game is good.Like very good.The atmosphere,the themes,the characters,the minigames and the story.They are great.I basically found out about you and this game through ManlyBadassHero and I was interested.I was also suprised when I found out that you did all the drawings.Now I could give some criticism but you've heard it I think a thousand times(  -_-  )XD but if it were something to bug me would be the misleading second route.Don't get me wrong,like I said the game is great but when you get into the second round it repeats the first minutes and they are a good chunk which kinda makes you think that you finished the game and it repeats on purpose like Undertale .Aside from that and the minigames's small issues I support this game and what you are doing. 8.5/10 keep it up,you are doing good and I'm looking forward to see your next projects.

P.S:I made this account just to leave this comment and follow the progress (and support you :)) so...besides DeviantART and this do you have a Twitter?Instagram?Youtube?...facebook??


Awww im so happy to hear such a nice comment about my game QuQ! I also saw his video and omg i couldnt believe it, im super happy that more people will learn about this game because of it, aaa >u<! 

Yeah, i think i should at least change the description of the game to make it less confusing XD maybe it will help!

Awww really you made it for this? omg <3 Yeah, beside dA im also using Tumblr (just for RPG connected topics) and instagram (i have there everything lol XD but now i dont use it a lot so yeaaah XD). I was thinking about making a twitter for art and games connected, but im not sure yet :o generally i have the same nickname almost everywhere ^^

Well ok then.I will check those out as soon as I can.You can make a twitter if you want.Sure,you have an Instagram,Tumblr and anything else but (don't quote me on this if i'm wrong >_<)Twitter is a plece where you can easily say your thoughts and future plannings on the spot.Besides the "shadowbanning" controversy,you can use hashtags to kinda make a bigger fanbase and there are people who check out pages dedicated to video game distribution with potential.It's up to you,I will still support you.

Also,yea I made an account because I rarely use this website.It's not bad or anything,I just don't.Maybe in the future...


Aw, okay, thanks! I'll make it soon then *_*! I mean, i will start to use my super old account lol XD I was curious one day and did it to check out the site lol~

Aww okay, its a nice website, really useful for creators *_*!

I've seen ManlyBadassHero play this! ^-^ And from watching it, this game seems really promising! The only issue I have is the font for the text, it's hard to read most of the time.

Yeah, ive also seen that! Im super excited to hear his opinion and everything *o*! I hope you will enjoy it too!

And yeaaah, it wasnt the best choice :/ but it was so cutesy that i just picked it without thinking haha ^^" next time i have to think more about it, thank you!

Thank you! And this is much more of a nitpick from a fire alpaca user, but on the title screen the text used in "Dream of Gluttony" is anti aliased while everything else is not (pixel art style). It looks weird to me. (Look those up if you don't know what it means!)

yessss i know, but tbh it looked weirder for me when i made that font more in pixel style, so i decided to let it be xD as you see, im kinda nad with fonts, but ill mąkę sure to do better in the next game, so thank you for the advice! *-*

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Cute, pink to something creepy, gory and macabre... and also did I already mention pink?

This game is so awesome! Tho the horror part is a lil' bit slow paced, it didn't harm its charm, instead it built the atmosphere. Unlike other horror rpg games where the horror begins as soon as you start playing the game, this one started so cute and wholesome where you can play harmless and unsuspecting mini-games and see Sissy be friendly to the other townspeople and vice versa. Since you are aware that this game is already a psychological horror game, you're guard is always up if ever something horrible will happen in between the mini games and Sissy's journey to the 'train station'


"Welcome to Adulthood"

Spoken like a true poet~!

...Not until you reach the part where Sissy actually embrace the name "Passion Fruit" and begin to like staying in town. The end of the 1st act was an actual WTF moment for me. I thought that Sissy was the cannibal one that the her journey through the town was some sort of an illusion, and that she's going to eat Chili but it was Chili who ate her. It is also noteworthy how quick the transition is from something cute and harmless to something that can mess up your mind; "There's no fucking around"

I actually first thought that Dumpling might have been the one who is sane enough and is willingly to lead Sissy out of town and in at the 2nd act, I kind of presumed that Dumpling would have helped her but he was ready to chase and kill her with a wooden sign when Sissy made her escape from Butter and Bread's basement  (Tho there are some other complain about the Dumpling chase scene, I really enjoyed that because it challenged my reflexes). 

The reason why I immediately fell in love to this game is because of how Sissy slowly sink into her own insanity, both in the 1st and 2nd act. This also made me question myself and my thoughts about escapism. What Milk said to Sissy about it and Sissy's own thoughts really hit me.

As much as I fell in love to this game, I do have some minor criticisms. Like the worm chase scene. It was kind of useless to use the pesticide since you are too busy turning through corners. Also, it kind of annoyed me when I managed to make the worms to be stuck to the tombstone from constantly turning only for them to respawn right next to my ass (and that your turns need to be precise). There's also that cooking part. The dialogue should just pop-up when Sissy ain't moving or you could've added some dialogue where Sissy scolds herself (the player rather) when she does the wrong thing that is against her own instructions. To be honest, that part confused me like I was constantly pressing the spacebar just looking for the flour. That is all for this portion

I do have some questions like; why they took different types of food as their new personas? Who exactly is Chili? Who is that girl at the end? Why was Sissy in that forest? WHAT DOES KYRIE KNOWS?! Also... WHAT THE HECK IS WITH THAT ENDING?! cliffhanger is okay, but two?! C'mon, you're killing me. Now I'm more confused than ever but that ain't a bad thing. (I'm sensing some kind of lore here!)

Before I end this LENGTHY review with spoilers, I just want to say that the music is so great, especially the bgm when you fight Chili. It's mf kick ass!


Overall, the graphics and art are well made, especially the CG illustrations which I really love. I already recommended this game to one of my friends. Sorry for a super duper lengthy review!Hoping for more amazing and great games from you in the future!

PS: Is it bad that ship Milk and Sissy... and so is Dumpling and Sissy?
another PS: Since I've already finished this game, it's time for me to make tons and tons of fanart~

(。•̀ᴗ-)و ̑̑✧

Peace! \(^o^)/

Omgggg, im so happy to read this kind of long review of my game >u<! Like really, i was smiling so much that someone took time to write it for me, aaaa <3

Im super happy you enjoyed the game! Also im really glad that you thought about things that Milk said and generally what happened to Sissy, I wanted to show how important it was ^^! And yeah, i know that i put there a lot of questions, anddd im going to answer some of them in my future games ^^! Ive done a pretty big universe, so i can make more and more games XD hope you will be interested in them as well ^^! <3

Also yeah lol, my friend also ships Sissy and Milk XD aaaaand i would be super happy to see fanarts of it QUQ!

Hope it's alright that I put this here since wasn't sure where to put this but with one if the last I guess mini games (unsure if it's the last one and don't want to spoiler) this error pops up.
hope it's okay I put this here. 

Yeah, thanks for telling me! Can you describe what exactly were you doing when it appeared? Choosing some option, or just starting the last minigame?

Ah okay, i got it, thanks! I will make a new version soon, so just copy your saves there and it should work!

Deleted 2 years ago

Awww thank you so much! I'm super happy to receive such a long and nice review! What's more, im really glad that you liked the game! Thankfuly i managed to show everything that i wanted through the atmosphere and characters ^^! I think I will update the gamę soon, especially description of mini games :o and maybe add difficulty level for second part, because some people werent able to pass some games. Also, the thing with waiter being annoying it was actually my plan xD i wanted to show player how Sissy felt, that even if she was trying so hard, no one around would appreciate her :o!

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Hi <3 

I'm done playing this game. I love it. can i upload gameplay to my channel youtube? and how many endings have? sorry for my bad english >-<

Greetings from Italy

Hi! Im super happy you liked it! ^^ Of course you can upload the gameplay, ill be happy to see it! Also, the game has only 1 ending, but there are two paths (after you finish first path, it automaticaly takes you to the second one, so you dont have to worry about it! It might look like you play from the beggining one more time, but later its different!)

Send me a link to the video if you make a walkthrough! ^^

I really liked the story but some of the mini games were a little hard to understand.For example the one where Sissy cooks in the kitchen.

Oh, I see! Thank you for the feedback ^^ Maybe I should improve the instruction before mini game to make it less confusing?

yes that would be very helpful!

*Potential spoilers ahead, be warned*

Your chase scenes are way too finnicky. I barely managed Dumpling's and cannot get past the worms. It's a shame because your concept is really interesting and the art is phenomenal but if you can't forgive a single missclick of a key (or the keyboard/game not responding appropriately) without getting a game over, it makes it nigh impossible to advance.

Either slowing down the enemies or at least shortening how long you have to run from them would help. 

Also an overworld sprint function of some kind would be nice, especially when you're going through the same areas again (like leaving a character's house).

Other than that it's a very cool game! I love the contrast between the first and second playthroughs and the subtle but very obvious hints that something isn't right in the town.

Thank you for your opinion! Im really glad you like the game ^^! In the next version ill be sure to make worms game a little bit less difficult, because you arent the only one who struggles with it, soooo yeah XD Thank you for playing <3

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