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Deleted 2 years ago

Awww thank you so much! I'm super happy to receive such a long and nice review! What's more, im really glad that you liked the game! Thankfuly i managed to show everything that i wanted through the atmosphere and characters ^^! I think I will update the gamę soon, especially description of mini games :o and maybe add difficulty level for second part, because some people werent able to pass some games. Also, the thing with waiter being annoying it was actually my plan xD i wanted to show player how Sissy felt, that even if she was trying so hard, no one around would appreciate her :o!

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Hi <3 

I'm done playing this game. I love it. can i upload gameplay to my channel youtube? and how many endings have? sorry for my bad english >-<

Greetings from Italy

Hi! Im super happy you liked it! ^^ Of course you can upload the gameplay, ill be happy to see it! Also, the game has only 1 ending, but there are two paths (after you finish first path, it automaticaly takes you to the second one, so you dont have to worry about it! It might look like you play from the beggining one more time, but later its different!)

Send me a link to the video if you make a walkthrough! ^^

I really liked the story but some of the mini games were a little hard to understand.For example the one where Sissy cooks in the kitchen.

Oh, I see! Thank you for the feedback ^^ Maybe I should improve the instruction before mini game to make it less confusing?

yes that would be very helpful!

*Potential spoilers ahead, be warned*

Your chase scenes are way too finnicky. I barely managed Dumpling's and cannot get past the worms. It's a shame because your concept is really interesting and the art is phenomenal but if you can't forgive a single missclick of a key (or the keyboard/game not responding appropriately) without getting a game over, it makes it nigh impossible to advance.

Either slowing down the enemies or at least shortening how long you have to run from them would help. 

Also an overworld sprint function of some kind would be nice, especially when you're going through the same areas again (like leaving a character's house).

Other than that it's a very cool game! I love the contrast between the first and second playthroughs and the subtle but very obvious hints that something isn't right in the town.

Thank you for your opinion! Im really glad you like the game ^^! In the next version ill be sure to make worms game a little bit less difficult, because you arent the only one who struggles with it, soooo yeah XD Thank you for playing <3

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