I wanted to share my characters profiles! They are a little old, because my drawing skills got much better, but I don't want do redraw it now, since I got a lot of things to do in my game! I made this page recently, so I can't really show my 2,5 years of work here, but soon my game will be done and then you will see by yourselves ^^. And for now, a short descriptions of characters!


She is in the center of everything that takes place in worlds beyond drips. 
Usualy she is quiet, calm person. When she meet someone new, at first she isn't sure how to behaviour, but in the end everything is just fine. At the beggining of game she is very suspicious about Daniel - it isn't obvious until the end if he really want to help this girl to find her past. 
With the come back of her memories, her personality is changing - to better or worse? You must check by yourself~ 


Daniel is very mysterious boy, who suddenly showed up in main heroine's life. He was waiting for her in the room with drips, then claimed that he is her friend and he knows how she can get her memories back. He is with the girl in every world - she can talk with him, or just be suspicious and quiet. Everything has some meaning, that can change ending of the game. 
Daniel is quite mean at the beggining, but if you talk to him enough times, he will be nicer. He doesn't want to show the girl any of his emotions, thats why he often uses weird jokes and complicated sentences, to distract you from the main topic. He is the only person in this crazy world, who can really help you and become your true ally and friend. But it all depends on how you will cope with him... 


Kyrie is really unusual man, with giant ego. He can be mean and sarcastic, only to show how amazing he is. But his words aren't just for show - he is really smart, and has some kind of diligent aura. His name isn't just random~ 


Gin is lonely girl who was locked in cage at desert. She is known as 'Master of Sand' but no one knows her true abilities. But you shouldn't make her angry, trust me ~


Mamoru can be called by many names, but definitely he is the most funny and fabulous man ever. You can talk with him in the bonus room after getting a True End. He is in a good relationship with everyone, especially Gin. You shouldn't take his words seriously. 


Mitsuru is really weird boy. You can find him at his tea party, where are many of his dolls. He isn't talkative type - it's really hard to make him speak about topic that you want, because he would always say something about weather or other things. Although he just love one topic - he can talk about his dolls for hours, so be carefull not to mention them. 


Teru is really happy and energetic girl, especially in night, because most of day she is sleeping. You can find her room in gallery, its really cute~


In few worlds there are going to be chasers, that send you to scary demention without exit. You can get out from there only by coming back to the start point - Nexus. There are a few effects that help you not to get catch by them, so it's better to find one of them before going near any of chasers.

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