A downloadable game for Windows


Outside of your room you meet a strange boy, who claims he is your friend, and you must find your true past by walking through all the worlds behind all of the drips. 
By walking through maps, you can truly become friends with your companion, and deduce what was your past, and why you forgot everything. 
You must gain all effects and make some good decisions to get the best ending. 


This game mentions of dead animals, human experiments and gore stuff, like flesh piles or guts out of the body. 


Main characters are the nameless girl, and a boy named Daniel. 
In the game there are few more characters and NPC's, but you cant talk with most of them. 



Veins.exe 311 MB

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While I'm not opposed to giving Yume Nikki Fangame creators money, you are using a modified sprite of Kikiyama's and are kinda selling it in spite of using something you didn't get permission to make money off of.  Even though you don't have to pay for the game to download it, I'd suggest you'd take the "name your own price" tag off unless you reupload a version with your own sprite base instead.

Hoh okay, if you say so. Done