Updated Cinnamon's dialogues

Hi! It’s been a while since I released Dream of Gluttony, and I received a lot of opinions regarding Cinnamon. It became clear to me, that my writing was unclear and that I wasn’t able to convey Cinnamon’s character properly.

I received some help regarding this topic and decided to rewrite that part of the game. I want to make it more clear, and make sure that it won’t offend anyone, since it wasn’t my intention.

You can view the main changes here:


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Sep 05, 2020

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Being cute is great~ =w=

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I like comments of everyone who shares their theories and opinions about my games.

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No, he doesn't like Cinnamon because of their personality.

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Sorry that you don't feel that it fixed the issue.

I updated dialogues because Cinnamon was never supposed to be a transgender character, so I wanted to convey it properly. I didn't want to make Cinnamon a happy, healthy trans girl, because Cinnamon wasn't a trans girl from the beggining, it wasn't my idea. I wanted to make it clear in the new version. I reblogged the art because it was first fanart of my game that I received, so I was just happy lol.

And I think that I made it clear that Dumpling doesn't like Cinnamon because of how they act, not the gender issues.

So yeah, sorry if you feel offended in any way.

Cool changes :3 made it spookier for me when I went to get the axe from him

Yay, im glad >u<!




hey, that term is really not okay, it has a lot of transphobia behind it. please dont use it. if you're confused as to why that is please refer to this link here https://www.reddit.com/r/AskLGBT/comments/baouci/is_the_term_trap_offensive/

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u right