Planning updates

I just made some quick doodles for Dream of Gluttony ^^!

Also, I am working on the next version of the game! I decided to update some instructions for mini games, to make them more clear, and for the second part of game to create levels for mini games, because some people told me that they aren’t able to finish the game because of it.

Do you think I should update something more? Let me know if you have any ideas!

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I love these doodles! >w<

Dumpy's normal chase wasn't hard but it's hard for me to not keep sprinting while I have to stop before one block from the end of the hill to spam "space" lol

I'm like still shooting pesticide when the worms were killing me, I could hear the sound. XD It's hard to kill them while running so I guess people would commonly just run and don't stop. I tried to kill all the worms in the first area but even spamming, it didn't kill all of them and they were too quick.

These are just my observation, I don't know if it's normal if I don't have enough reflection or anything but I'm just telling what I feel being a player so you might know what to change and improve or what is already good because it is supposed to be like that.

I'm literally raging because of the worms. (this is the reason why I only play easy a lot of games. I'm still wondering if I'm taht bad at games. But for the moment, I'm try harding all the normal in this game)

Is the fight with Chili possible? It looks more like a luck game like "There's a butcher around"

Oh wait no, the "Don't want to give up" fill all HP