Plans for the future?

I was thinking about what should I do next. I have 4 games planned, and one more, as my final school project. So I’m just making this post to kinda sort everything out, and give a short descripton of games that I want to create.

1. School project - I think i will do this game in Unity, and I should find someone to take care of graphics from my school. It will be point&clisk game, where you interact with a girl, who lives in your computer. I don’t want to say more, but I’m really excited to do this! I hope I will be able to publish it, lol XD

2. Depressing game about problems - it’s my next project in RPGMaker. I will work on this game next, probably I will start it this year! It won’t be really connected with the worlds from previous games, but it’s also important part of the universe I’ve created. I want it to be serious, and deal with some important topics~. I think that this game would take me around 2-3 years to finish, I want it to be more complexed, but yeah, it depends of course of how much time will I have!

3. Veins remake - Since Veins was my first game, I kinda messed it up XD. I’m not really happy with how it looks, so I want to make it again, completly different, mechanics and gameplay are going to change a lot! But I’m still not sure when should I do it.

4. Game about mages - to be honest, it’s one of my favourite stories! It will be big, there will be a lot of side stories, characters, important points for the story! It will explain a little Dream of Gluttony, and generally it will give the idea of how my universe works, and it will give a background for some important characters. I want to write some scripts by myself, so generally it will be big and complex. That’s why I will probably sell it for some small price. It will take a long time to finish this one!

5. Colorful game, where you don’t remember your friends - this game will take place in a fantasy world, where you have to decide who should you trust. For now I don’t have it well planned, so it will be probably the last one to do! I mean, untill I come up with something new XD.

Yes, I’m overcreative, pls help me XD I will die faster than I finish all my planned games, haha XD.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed reading about this~!

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Thumbs up for Veins remake

XD thanks lol, some day ill do it!

I'm just a random player but if I'm here that mean I liked it and I believe in you! I'll support you as much as I can! (wished I could donate but I'm still just a child, mom won't allow that YwY)

Awwww thank you so much <3 i will give my best >u<!

Alright.Take your time and good luck!I believe in you :)

Aww, thank you so much <33 i will do my best!

in case that you need some help fam (like as a beta  tester or maybe as an extra artist), i'm here to lend you a hand fam~! uwuwuwuwuwu

Awww thank you so much, ill remember about it <3